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TESONA was founded in 2007 by three engineers. Since then, TESONA has been a partner of the automotive industry for exhaust gas after-treatment and exhaust temperature sensor technologies for spark-ignition and diesel engines. We specialize in developing, producing, and selling sensor elements and electronic modules.

The main focusses of our work are high-temperature exhaust sensor technology and other alternative exhaust sensor mechanisms for automotive, on-road, off-road, non-road and off-shore applications. 

Already in 2008, a year after the founding of TESONA, we delivered the TESO MT 1300 high-temperature exhaust sensor in series to our first OEM client.

Further applications at this sensor platform came about in the following years.

The following sensor generations are developed for series production in cooperation with companies from Thuringia and were launched in 2012. Since 2010, we have also been supplying another NTC-based sensor type in series for auto-gas systems.

Since 2011, TESONA has been producing a performance-enhanced boost pressure sensor for the regulation of the intake duct in series.

In May 2012, after successfully qualifying for the OEM, we began the production of the TESO MT 1300 GEN I.2.

In addition to sensor technology, TESONA has established itself as a very high performing and reliable engineering partner within the industry. 

We have been offering our customers 3D scanning & reverse engineering as well as in-house 3D printing services since 2014. 

Intelligent Plastics – also known as “smart plastics” – are another engineering focal point.


TESONA has succeeded in developing a new technology combination for the production of heated high-quality surfaces for automotive applications with various application areas.

Fields of Application:

  • Exhaust gas after-treatment sensors and applications
  • Interior and exterior automotive applications
  • Sensor housing

Here the heating or heat function is integrated directly into the components surface and a simple housing becomes a functional component.

The self-adjustment heat output (PTC effect) is an essential advantage compared to other similar processes.


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