Your specialist for cad design, development, prototyp´s + measurement

To be able to achieve our customers’ requirements in the field of engineering – with a focus on automotive design, in a goal-oriented manner, we have significantly driven and extended the possibilities with CAD for product development and design processing.

Our holistic development offer extends from idea generation during the concept phase, through the design of parts and components, with the creation of design variants and the production of manufacturing drawings, to production of ready-to-deliver prototypes or small series production

We will be pleased to optimise and calculate your components using FEM and simulate injection moulding components with the relevant tools used for “Moldflow Analysis”.

The development steps required for this purpose can be supplied to our customers as a full package or as a single service.

As service provider in the area of Reverse Engineering, or we are be able to digitise or measure your existing parts, components or tools for you using 3D-Scan.

With the non-contact measurement principle used by us, 3D Scanning from Zeiss, even very fine or small parts, such as objects made of plastic or foam material can also be measured precisely, which would be either very difficult or impossible to measure using conventional measurement machines or tactile measurement probes.

The recording of the measurement points can be implemented using the Zeiss “BLUE-LED” technology in a very short time. In particular, for components with numerous features, this method is much faster than measurement with conventional, tactile systems.

In addition to digitisation or measurement, we offer you the appropriate expertise for this, such as an expert assessment or the programming of corresponding tools for statistical evaluation.

The system with our application software also allows highly efficient measurement sequences, for example in the case of initial sample inspection.

 Application´s for our Zeiss 3D Scanner

Tool´s and mould production
Rapid Manufacturing, for example functional samples
Quality control/inspection
Online inspection
Reverse Engineering
Allowance checks
Design, for example scanning of design models

In addition to the wide range of applications in the technical and in the automotive area, there are other interesting possibilities for use, such as the capturing of art historical objects, in archaeology (restoration/preservation, virtual library, 3D documentation, 3D replications, etc.).