New development – combined pressure-temperature sensor

This sensor measures exhaust gas pressure and temperature at the same time, thus opening up new, inexpensive possibilities for combustion diagnosis.

The pressure-measuring cell developed with a cooperation partner withstands higher temperatures than traditional exhaust pressure sensors, such as for example for GPF or DPF.

In this case, temperatures at the measurement cell itself of up to 300°C are possible.

Technical specifications


  • Pressure range: 0 bar to 10 bar (application specific)
  • Temperature measurement range at the pressure cell up to 300°C
  • Output signal analogue 0-5V
  • Measuring frequency of more than 6 kHz
  • Rupture pressure: 20 bar
  • Alternative output SENT SAE J2716 rev. 2010
  • Medium: Exhaust gas


  • Temperature measurement with our integrated TESO 1150
  • Temperature measurement range -40°C to 1150°C
  • Output SENT SAE J2716 rev. 2010