SHT® Performance Heater

To be able to heat a defined surface as homogeneously as possible – this is the possibility our SHT® Performance Heater enable, thereby opening up various applications. The abbreviation SHT® stands for Smart Heating Technologie ® – an intelligent self-regulating heating system with a PTC effect. IT is based on a system which consists of two feed conductors embedded in a crosslinked plastic heating element doped with carbon particles. If the temperature increases, the distances between the carbon particles will increase, triggered by molecular expansion. While the resistance increases, the power drops ¬ also known as the PTC effect. If the system cools, this process is reversed, i.e. the power increases, which prevents overheating of the heating system. This means a temperature control system using sensors is no longer required. The components such as housing, heating cables, layers and heating films therefore function in a self-regulating mode. With the SHT® Performance Heater, we have met the challenge of also qualifying this well-known technology for use in the automotive sector, in particular regarding the loading on the materials, but also the Life Cycle Engineering. And so we have applied this technology in various automotive applications and had the use patented for the applications. The required components or support structures can be produced in the normal plastic injection moulding process or can be extruded as films or cables. For example here are some of the varied

Application possibilities for SHT® Performance Heater:

Camera housing
Sensor housing
Internal surfaces (heat radiation)
Door covering and arm rests
Roof linings and footwells
Knee warmers
Battery heating (thermal management for electrical and hybrid vehicles)

The SHT® Performance Heater can be adapted to a wide variety of installation spaces. One of our fundamental development goals is to extend the systems as simply as possible with additional functions, for example to make a housing with a heating film into a housing with a heating function.

Typical applications for our developments are:

Sensor housings for radar systems & camera prisms for autonomous driving
Tank heating for SCR / AdBlue® systems
Tank heating for WDM (Water Delivery Modules)
Water injection systems
Washer systems for cars and trucks
Internal surfaces
Battery heaters for electrical and hybrid vehicles